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4 dinner party dishes to pair with whisky

Whisky is a great match for food and makes an impressive drink when entertaining friends and family. Medium to full-bodied whiskies, like Laphroaig 10-year-old, pair particularly well – served neat – with smoked fish, cheese and dessert. Or how about a whisky cocktail? We’ve created a series of drinks made with Laphroaig 10-year-old – a peated whisky known for its smoky taste and full character – that hero each key flavour: peat, heat, sour and sweet. What’s more, we’ve paired each cocktails with delicious recipe suggestions to really make those flavours sing. Peat, heat, sour and sweet – what will you choose?

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  1. Heat: North Indian-inspired vegetarian thali

    Serve up an Indian feast with this vegetarian thali. It comprises three delicious recipes – a warming spinach curry, creamy cauliflower curry and a lentil dhal – which are all simple to make but big on flavour. They’re served alongside parathas and creamy raita, and best enjoyed with a Heated Highball, made with fresh lime juice, sugar syrup and ginger ale, all of which complement the warming spices in the curries.

    Heat: North Indian-inspired vegetarian thali
  2. Peat: Smoky fish gratin

    Smoked haddock gives this gratin a wonderful flavour while Gruyère cheese adds a nuttiness that complements a Smoky Ginger Highball – whisky and ginger ale served over ice. It makes an easy yet impressive dinner party main.

    Peat: Smoky fish gratin
  3. Sour: Preserved lemon chicken tagine

    This tagine recipe is brimming with flavour from the fresh herbs, spices, preserved lemons and olives. The lemons give the dish a sour tang that pairs wonderfully with a Bee’s Knees with a twist cocktail, flavoured with honey and lemon.

    Sour: Preserved lemon chicken tagine
  4. Sweet: Sticky ginger pear tart

    Laphroaig 10-year-old is matured in old bourbon barrels, which gives it a caramel, butterscotch-like sweetness that goes brilliantly with this pear tart. Sticky stem ginger gives a subtle warming spice and you use the syrup from the jar to glaze the tart when it’s still warm from the oven. Enjoy with a neat serve.

    Sweet: Sticky ginger pear tart
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