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5 healthy recipes to try this week - May week 1

Switch up old routines and try some healthy alternatives in your next weekly shop with these simple, tasty recipes. From quick grapefruit breakfast pots to a fresh fakeaway pizza, we've got all the recipes you need.

  1. The fakeaway

    Make these super easy Caprese pizzas using just tortilla wraps, mozzarella and fresh tomatoes. Top with a homemade pesto and you've got yourself an indulgent-feeling swap for a takeaway pizza.

    The fakeaway
  2. The quick breakfast

    For an Instagram-ready breakfast that's easy to make in a time pinch, look no further than these gorgeous pink grapefruit breakfast pots. Made with a creamy mixture of Quark and Greek yoghurt, they feel like a treat without the added sugar.

    The quick breakfast
  3. The fun starter

    For something different on your weekend menu, why not give this fun cauliflower popcorn a go? Simply toss cauliflower florets in turmeric, cumin, salt and olive oil and serve with your favourite healthy dip.

    The fun starter
  4. The family favourite

    We all love a fish finger dinner, and with this recipe you'll be able to make your own. Instead of chips, these homemade fish fingers are served with a herby broccoli mash.

    The family favourite
  5. The simple pudding

    Make the most of seasonal rhubarb with this twist on a classic comfort pud. Even little one can help out making the crunchy oat and quinoa topping, too.

    The simple pudding