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5 healthy recipes to try this week - May week 3

Switch up old routines and try some healthy alternatives in your next weekly shop with these simple, tasty recipes. From a versatile charred spring onion salad to retro ginger ale slushies, we've got all the recipes you need.

  1. The retro cooler

    Reinvent classic ginger beer with this easy ginger ale slushie recipe, made with just three ingredients. Add a zesty kick of lime to ginger ale, freeze and blend into an icy slushie. Garnish with lime wedges and mint sprigs for a refreshing retro drink that everyone will love. 

    The retro cooler
  2. The versatile salad

    This springtime salad is great as a simple starter or a perfect side for lamb, omit the feta to make it an easy vegan dish - it's crunchy, fresh, and a little bit spicy yet perfectly balanced.

    The versatile salad
  3. The veggie curry

    This hearty vegan curry pairs a creamy coconut and tomato sauce with spiced chickpea dumplings and easy-cook brown rice. If you're cooking for one, the leftovers are perfect for lunch the next day.

    The veggie curry
  4. The simple stir-fry

    Throw together this super speedy vegetable katsu stir-fry in just 20 minutes. Combining Japanese katsu curry sauce with egg noodles, fresh spinach and vegetables, it's a healthy midweek meal that's also dairy-free.

    The simple stir-fry
  5. The sweet snack

    Delicious, healthy and super easy to make, these wholemeal muffins come out wonderfully moist, thanks to the addition of courgettes. Simply combine all the ingredients and bake until golden.

    The sweet snack