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Christmas dinner for £30

Don't break the bank this Christmas – enjoy a delicious Christmas dinner for the whole family with all of your favourite trimmings for just £30.

  1. The main event

    It wouldn't be Christmas without roast turkey. Keep it simple with this tender turkey crown and use our handy cooking calculator to work out how long to cook it. For an instant burst of flavour, chop 6 garlic cloves and mix into 40g butter. Spread the butter under the skin using your hands, then season the top of the bird and pop in the oven. You can't have turkey without tangy cranberry sauce – the vibrant and juicy berries are the perfect complement for the tender meat. You can make the most of shop-bought products to help keep costs down and reduce waste, and this sauce is the ultimate time-saver.

    The main event
  2. Tasty trimmings

    Crispy, golden roast potatoes are always a firm favourite. Follow our tips for the best-ever roasties - wonderfully crisp with fluffy centres. Parboil the potatoes to speed up the cooking process and give that must-have fluffy, soft interior. When choosing your oil, pick one with a high smoke point and neutral flavour, such as sunflower or vegetable oil. Adding a few tablespoons of flour to parboiled potatoes absorbs moisture and allows the spuds to really crisp up in the oil – perfect potatoes every time! Use 6 garlic cloves to add a kick to these roasted parsnips and carrots for an easy one-tray side that's totally fuss-free. As for the sprouts, simply steam seasonal Brussels.

    Tasty trimmings
  3. Must-have extras

    From pigs in blankets to crispy Yorkshire puds, everyone has a favourite Christmas dinner side. It's surprisingly easy (and cheap!) to make your own Yorkshire puddings, and this simple recipe with just five ingredients will definitely impress. Add a homemade touch with this sage and onion stuffing recipe, which you can make ahead and freeze to save time on the big day. Save hassle and money by adding these delicious ready-made pigs in blankets to your basket – there's definitely enough for everyone to have seconds! Finish the feast with lashings of rich turkey gravy, made with tasty turkey stock and crisp Sauvignon Blanc. Heat for 5 mins, pour into a jug and serve!

    Must-have extras
  4. Shopping list

    1 lemon, 30p
    Tesco Maris Piper potatoes 2.5kg, £1.50
    Redmere Farms carrots 1kg, 29p
    Redmere Farms parsnips 500g, 29p
    Sprouts 1kg (2x Redmere Farms 500g), 58p
    Garlic bulb, 16p
    2 red onions, 42p
    Sage, 70p
    Turkey crown (medium: Serves 8-11 (2.3kg-3.19kg) Prices range from £16.11 - £22.33
    Gravy 350ml, £1.50
    20 pigs in blankets 400g, £3.50
    Semi-skimmed milk, 50p
    6 eggs, 70p
    Walnut halves, £1.50
    White breadcrumbs, 80p
    Cranberry sauce 200g, 64p
    Storecupboard: oil, plain flour

    Total: £29.49

    *Based on a family of six. Total cost based on online prices at time of publishing; subject to change.