1. Start first thing

    Love your mornings and indulge yourself with a vibrant smoothie bowl. Blend mixed frozen berries with yogurt, and top with chia seeds and fresh fruit.

  2. Cause a stir

    Pimp your next stir-fry with a few handfuls of your favourite frozen vegetables. Try adding frozen onions, peppers and mushrooms straight from the freezer and stir-fry until defrosted and warmed though.

  3. Super soup

    Frozen vegetables make incredible soups. Try adding frozen cauliflower and some finely diced potato to vegetable stock, and simmer until tender. Add cheese and blend to create this amazing cauliflower cheese soup.

  4. Go bananas

    Frozen bananas aren’t just for smoothies. Try blending them on their own until they turn the texture of creamy ice cream. For a luscious finish, add a little cocoa powder, vanilla and maple syrup. 

  5. Marvellous mash

    Frozen vegetables can have a slightly mushy texture – but that makes them ideal to mash with canned beans to make chunky bean burgers or golden-fried falafels. 

  6. Orange is the new houmous

    If you're thinking of making a batch of houmous at home, why not try adding a handful of steamed frozen carrots or butternut squash to the mixture before blending. It adds a vibrant colour and gentle sweet flavour.

  7. Love your leftovers

    Odds and ends of leftover veggies lurking in the freezer can come out to make a coconut vegetable curry. Try this simple recipe, replacing the fresh vegetables with your frozen ones.

  8. Go green

    Frozen avocado is super-convenient and affordable. Try mushing defrosted avo with a little lemon juice, salt and chilli flakes to spread over toast, or use it to make a nutritious green juice