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Fajita feast for friends

If you're throwing a Mexican-themed dinner party for friends, why not try this menu plan? Serve up a flexible main, spicy sides, an on-trend cocktail and finish up with an indulgent sharing pud.

  1. Veggie bean fajitas

    These veggie bean fajitas are the perfect choice of main for your fajita feast. Choosing a vegetarian recipe means everyone can get involved and any vegan guests can leave out the cheese and sour cream toppings. Amp up the freshness by adding some pico de gallo or cool things down with a homemade guacamole too.

    Veggie bean fajitas
  2. Grapefruit margaritas

    No dinner party is complete without something to sip on. These grapefruit margaritas are the perfect pairing for fajitas, with the classic flavours of tequila and lime but the added twist of zesty and bitter grapefruit to work against the spice of your Mexican feast. For any non-drinkers, this watermelon and lime mocktail is a great accompaniment.

    Grapefruit margaritas
  3. Chipotle corn on the cob

    This sweet and spicy dish is a great side to prepare ahead of time and set steaming on the table when guests arrive. Using only three ingredients, it's simple and affordable but really packs a flavour punch.

    Chipotle corn on the cob
  4. Churros with chilli-chocolate dip

    Finish off with this fun sharing churro dish, served with a spiced chilli-chocolate sauce. You can prepare the dough up to 4 hours ahead and chill as long as you cook the churros for 1 exta minute in the hot oil.

    Churros with chilli-chocolate dip