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Festive sharing recipes to pair with beer

Whether you’re having friends over for a few beers or a full-on buffet, we’ve got three great recipes for sharing over the Christmas season. Hearty and full of flavour, all pair brilliantly with a chilled can or two of Stella Artois Unfiltered. Tuck in!

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  1. Cheese dip and dough ball wreath

    Cheese and lager are a match made in heaven. In this dip and dough ball recipe, a trio of Gruyère, Comté and mature Cheddar are melted down with a splash of Stella Artois Unfiltered to create a creamy, tangy fondue. Serve with our cheat’s dough balls for dunking. Fluffy and light, they are made using a shortcut sourdough mix brushed with a garlic and rosemary glaze. A sharing platter that’s sure to bring the festive joy.

    Cheese dip and dough ball wreath recipe
  2. Chipotle chicken nachos

    If you’re having friends round on Boxing Day, these chipotle chicken nachos can be adapted to use up leftover turkey. The meat is flavoured with the smoky chilli paste and lime juice, before being piled on top of tortilla chips, along with soured cream and a charred corn and avocado salsa. Grab a beer and dive in!

    Chipotle chicken nachos recipe
  3. Sausage and chestnut plait with cranberry ketchup

    Guests will make a beeline for this sausage plait at your next Christmas buffet. The meaty filling is flavoured with roasted chestnuts and herbs and wrapped in golden, flaky pastry. Serve with a sweet, glossy cranberry ketchup on the side. Stella Artois Unfiltered is a great match; the crisp lager cuts through the richness of the pork and pastry.

    Sausage and chestnut plait with cranberry ketchup recipe