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How to create the perfect dessert platter

Take a bar of indulgent Green & Black's chocolate and turn it into the perfect chocolate platter. Choose your favourite type of chocolate, from smooth milk to spicy ginger, and match with its ideal flavour pairings. From a cosy night in alone to easy dinner party entertaining, we've got all the luxurious chocolate ideas you need.

  1. Night in for one

    Having a cosy night in for one? Curl up on the sofa with the perfect chocolate snack. Break open a bar of Green & Black's Ginger Dark Chocolate and pair it with hot chocolate and ginger nut biscuits.

    Fiery crystallised ginger pieces are balanced by the smooth dark chocolate for a grown-up treat, whilst the rich and creamy hot chocolate pairs perfectly with crunchy biscuits. Stimulate the flavours of the ginger even more with a hint of orange zest in the hot chocolate. And relax!

    Night in for one
  2. Date night

    Give the movie snacks a boost on your date night with an easy chocolate platter for two. Indulge a sweet tooth with Green & Black's Milk Chocolate, matched with classic salty popcorn for a taste of the cinema. Dial up the sweetness with chewy marshmallows and add a touch of acidity with grapes for little pops of flavour. Finally, add the ultimate comfort factor with a classic pot of tea.

    Date night
  3. Special dinner dessert

    Set up a grazing chocolate platter for an easy, decadent way to round off your next special dinner.

    Start with arranging Green & Black’s 70% Dark Chocolate across a serving platter, then lay out a selection of perfectly sliced fresh fruit, like seasonal figs and pears, for a splash of colour and to cleanse the palate.

    Pretzels add an irresistible sweet and salty combination, while sweet dried fruit, such as apricots, balance out the bitter notes in the dark chocolate. Fill bowls with hazelnuts for extra crunch and slice up chunks of simple fruit cake for substance. Finally, fill your glasses with sweet, fruity sherry to sip on while you tuck in.

    Special dinner dessert