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Jamie’s festive leftover recipes

Make the most of your gorgeous festive leftovers with these easy recipes – a fresh, zingy salad, a comforting speedy pasta and a treat of a pud. Simply delicious! These big-flavour, budget-friendly recipes will help you to cut back on food waste and get some of the good stuff. Plus, there’s next to no cooking required too!

  1. Indonesian-style Christmas veg salad

    Jamie says: “This simple-yet-punchy dressing transforms leftover veg into a seriously good, fresh-tasting salad. Use whatever crunchy veg you’ve got – raw cabbage, carrots, sprouts, or even cauliflower – they’ll all work in this super versatile recipe. Brilliant for cutting down on food waste, this salad is budget-friendly, too. Try it with rice noodles, leftover turkey, or stuff it into pittas.”

    Try the recipe here.

    Indonesian-style Christmas veg salad
  2. One-pan Turkey Pasta

    Jamie says: “This recipe uses up leftover turkey in a comforting yet low-prep pasta dish, all made in one pan and ready in 20 minutes! It's got lots of flex, too – try pigs in blankets, stuffing, ham or chestnuts instead of turkey. Whatever leftovers you’ve got will work with this moreish, herby sauce”.

    Try the recipe here.

    One-pan Turkey Pasta
  3. DIY Christmas Sundae

    Jamie says: “Ready in minutes, this crowd-pleasing dessert is a brilliant way to use up seasonal favourites and it's fun to make, too, so get the kids involved! Personalise it according to what needs using up – swap in Christmas cake or mince pies, experiment with different biscuits and, for a real treat, try ice cream or custard instead of yoghurt. It's ridiculously good”.

    Try the recipe here.

    DIY Christmas Sundae