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Jamie's healthy snacking help

Making healthy food to snack on doesn't have to be difficult. Our health ambassador, Jamie Oliver has created five simple snack ideas to keep you going during the day

  1. Supercharge your corn

    Fresh corn is fantastic on its own, but if you struggle to get veg into your kids, adding a topping is a great way to get them to eat more of it. Roll each cob in yogurt, then a cheese and breadcrumb mixture, pressing so all the flavours stick to the outside.

    Supercharge your corn
  2. Make a dip

    Whizz up a jar of roasted peppers with feta and good extra virgin olive oil for a quick and easy dip to pair with crunchy veg sticks.

    Make a dip
  3. Marinate your cucumber

    Chop a cucumber into chunks and toss with low-salt soy sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar, toasted sesame seeds and chilli flakes.

    Marinate your cucumber
  4. Spice up your yogurt

    Chop up crunchy veg like celery, radishes, peppers and carrots, and dip into yogurt swirled with tahini or harissa

    Spice up your yogurt
  5. Griddle and dunk

    Griddle asparagus and dunk into your boiled eggs

    Griddle and dunk
  6. Make beetroot crisps

    Thinly slice raw beetroot, toss with good olive oil and thyme, then roast for 15 minutes ready to dip into houmous

    Make beetroot crisps
  7. Make veg more fun

    Use a crinkle-cut knife to make veg more fun (works well for fruit too) – serve with a minty yogurt for dipping.

    Make veg more fun
  8. Plan ahead

    Roast lots of veg on Sunday and stash in the fridge to make frittatas or quesadillas cut into snack-size portions.

    Plan ahead
  9. Get the kids involved

    Get the kids on box-grating duty and make a quick, delicious fruit salad. (Always supervise kids when grating and make sure they stop before they reach the end of the ingredient.) Grate up apples, pears, nectarines, even bananas and strawberries, then mix with a little honey and sprinkle with seeds for added crunch.

    Get the kids involved
  10. Make an open-faced sandwich

    Toast some rye bread, then mix and match your toppings – try ricotta, fresh tomato and avocado with a sprinkling of seeds; or mash together avo, banana, cream cheese and cocoa powder until smooth, then top with raspberries and hazelnuts. 

    Make an open-faced sandwich