blackberries (h)


These dark purple and black coloured berries are made up of a number of tiny, seeded fruits, which stick to a cone-shaped interior core. They are juicy and plump and can often be found growing wildly, in which case they are called brambles. 


The blackberry season runs from the end of July through to the middle of October.


Pick out plump, tender berries with a bright colour and avoid any which are mushy to the touch. Check the bottom of your punnet to ensure it isn’t stained. 


Blackberries are delicate and must be washed carefully so avoid cleaning them under a high-pressure tap. Running them under a soft stream of cold water will do the trick, and ensure you drain well in a colander and leave to dry on paper towels afterwards.


Store your blackberries in the fridge but remove 30 minutes before eating so they can reach room temperature. When storing berries, it’s best to keep them spread out to avoid them crushing each other. Make sure you consume your berries within a couple days of buying them.

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