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Chorizo is a type of spicy sausage with many regional varieties across Spain and Spanish speaking countries, such as Mexico. It is made from minced or chopped pork, some fat and is flavoured with garlic, black pepper, and most importantly, sweet and sour paprika, or the pulp from red peppers, which gives it its characteristic red colour. Some are smoked and some are particularly spicy.

How to cook

Soft chorizo is suitable for grilling and barbecuing and can be served whole, cut into slices for tapas or crumbled into stews. When frying, cook the sausage until it starts to release its trademark aromatic red oils into the pan. You can also cook with chunks or slices of the cured variety, for adding to Spanish dishes like paella, pasta sauces and scattering over salads and soups.


Widely available throughout the year.


Chorizo made from pork from the Iberian pig is considered the best. It is rich, fatty and with an acorn-flavoured sweetness that is characteristic of Iberian hams.


Peel off the outer skin before using.


Sliced chorizo can be stored in the fridge for up to one week, whole sausages should be used within two weeks.

Serving suggestion

Chorizo with butter beans, tomatoes and basil is delicious served with meaty white fish.


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