Fennel hero

A vegetable that looks like a small, bulbous celery, with three or four green celery-like stalks protruding from the top plus a few fine, feathery leaves. Available all year round, choose firm heavy bulbs without any signs of bruising. Has a sweet hint of aniseed flavour and crisp texture, which is delicious in salads or cooked with fish or chicken recipes.

How to prepare
Slice fresh fennel thinly and drop into water with a squeeze of lemon juice to prevent browning. Fennel is also delicious lightly braised in stock to serve as a side dish, or try chopping or dicing it to use in risottos.

Fennel herb
The feathery leaves of fennel belong to the same family as dill and have a pronounced aniseed flavour. Fennel herb is the perfect partner for grilled or barbecued fish, try cooking the fish on top of the herb for a gentle fragrance. Add a little fennel to salads or to flavour creams or buttery sauces.

Fennel seeds
Very sweet and liquorice flavoured, these are sprinkled on top of bread rolls for a unique flavour or added to Italian salamis. Delicious lightly crushed and rubbed into roast pork too.


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