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A Greek cheese typically made with Ewe's milk, or sometimes made with a mixture of Ewe's and goat's milk. The texture is both creamy and crumbly, and it has quite a salty flavour.


Feta is available all year round.


The most common way to buy feta is as blocks in the cheese aisle, packed in brine. It can also be bought cubed, in jars, stored in oil or flavoured with herbs.


Feta is really versatile, and is great crumbled into salads. In Greece it is often used in pastries and goes well with that other Greek staple - filo pastry. If it's a little too salty for your liking, try soaking it in water for a few minutes.


Once opened, wrap tightly in cling film and keep in the fridge.

Serving suggestion

Swap mozzarella on your pizza for feta, it goes well with sweet toppings, like caramelised onions, that will cut through the saltiness of the cheese.


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