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Grown widely in Europe, the skin of this fruit ranges from pale green, golden yellow or deep purple. The soft pink flesh inside is full of tiny edible seeds. Figs have a delicate flavour; at their best the centre is almost jam-like. Choose those that just yield to gentle pressure in your hand. Too soft and they will be over ripe, too firm and they will have little flavour. Ready to eat dried figs are plump and sweet.

How to cook
Chop and add to cakes, desserts and stews such as tagines.

Turkish figs are at their best from August to October. Figs from other parts of the world are available most months of the year.

Serving suggestions
The skin of Turkish fresh figs is perfectly edible. Cut the fruit in half and enjoy as they are, or serve with salad leaves, a balsamic dressing and Parma ham recipes. Figs can also be roasted, baked or grilled to serve hot with crème fraiche or goats cheese.


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