kirsch HERO

Kirsch is the German for cherry and gives its name to a clear liqueur made from fermented Morello cherries. It is clear in colour, but used to add a hint of sour cherry to desserts and cocktails.


Look for it in the supermarket drinks aisle of larger stores. It will sit alongside other liqueurs.


Look out for brands from Germany, Switzerland or the Alsace region of France.


Drinking Kirsch, it can be served chilled as a pre-dinner aperitif or at room temperature as an after dinner digestif.


Keep it in a cool, dark place and it will last you for a year.

Serving Suggestion

This liqueur is an essential part of Black Forest Gateau, but can add an alcoholic kick to any fruity desserts. Soak fresh cherries in kirsch and add to a bowl of vanilla ice cream for a quick dessert.


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