papaya HERO

Also called a ‘paw-paw', this tropical fruit comes from South America. It has a soft pinky flesh, and a subtly sweet flavour. It is filled with edible pips, but these are mostly scooped out and discarded.


All year round.


Papayas will deteriorate quite quickly once ripe. So look out for yellow, less ripe fruit and let them ripen at home. The ripe fruit should still remain quite firm, but give in to a little to pressure.


Although the pips are edible, they tend to be discarded. So simply cut the ripe fruit in half, scoop out the pips and remove the skin.


Kept in the fridge the papaya will ripen slower, but it is best eaten immediately once ripe.

Serving Suggestion

Add to smoothies or fruit salads, or make a fruity salsa of papaya and pineapple, which works will with cured ham or gammon.


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