Passion fruit

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Also known as a grenadilla or granadilla, these small tropical fruits are about the size of a golf ball. Their hard, deep-purple shells are inedible, but they house a sour, sweet yellow pulp, great for simply eating or using in cooking.


All year round.


The older the fruit, the more wrinkly it will become, it will also lose its weight, so avoid fruit that is overly wrinkled or very light. Look for slightly wrinkled or smooth skinned ones, they will ripen in the fruit bowl.


Slice the passion fruit in half and scoop out the insides. The pulp is quite glutinous, heating it a little will thin it out, you will then be able to strain it to get rid of the pips, and use it in desserts or baking.


Keep the fruit in a cool, dry place, or freeze the strained juice to use later.

Serving Suggestion

Drizzle the pulp of a few passion fruits over a Pavlova to cut through the richness of the cream.


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