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This popular root vegetable comes in many shapes and sizes. Larger varieties like King Edward and Maris Piper tend to have a floury texture, and smaller potatoes, like new or charlotte potatoes have a waxy texture.


Most potatoes are available year round, but look out for seasonal varieties. Duke of York potatoes are in season from September to April, Jersey Royals from April to July, Charlotte potatoes from late June to August.

How to cook

The bigger varieties, like King Edward, Maris Piper and Romano, work well boiled, baked, roasted or mashed. You will need to parboil them first if roasting, and boil them until quite soft before mashing. Smaller varieties like Charlotte or New Potatoes can be boiled and steamed and work well in salads.


Whatever potato you choose, make sure it's firm, round, with no green patches or sprouts.


Most potatoes need a good scrub in cold water before cooking. Remove any eyes or sprouts with a small knife and any green bits should be cut away.


Keep in a cool, dark, well ventilated space. To make your potatoes last longer, store them in paper, rather than plastic bags.

Serving suggestion

Potatoes are more often than not the side dish of choice, whether it's mash, roast potatoes or chips. For a speedy-main, with a Spanish twist, fry parboiled potato chunks together with slices of chorizo in a little olive oil, add a few chilli flakes and serve with a poached egg

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