Raspberry hero

Delicate, plump red berries with an intensely sweet, slightly acidic taste, these are one of the finest flavoured summer fruits.

All year round. The British season runs from May to October.

Look for plump berries and avoid any that are mouldy or soft.

Raspberries are very delicate so do not wash unless absolutely necessary – just check them over for any soil or small insects. Serve them simply, with cream (and sprinkled with a little sugar, if liked). Or pile onto a cream topped pavlova, press through a sieve and sweeten to make a coulis to serve with ice cream, desserts or peaches, or swirl through home made ice cream. Raspberries can also be added to cake and muffin mixtures, or mixed with other summer berries to make a summer pudding. Raspberries make excellent jam and jellies and can also be served with savoury dishes; their acidity makes them particularly delicious with fatty meats such as duck. Raspberry vinegar is a refreshing served as a drink diluted with sparking water or used in vinaigrettes.  Try a delicious raspberry souffle recipe

Don’t buy more than you need as they will only keep for a day or two at the most. Store them in a single layer in the fridge so that they are not crushed. They freeze well; spread a single layer on a tray and, when solid, transfer to single-portion freezer bags.


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