salmon HERO

This oily fish has a subtle, sweet flavour and is typically a pink or orange colour.  It is versatile enough to be used in anything from British to Japanese cuisine.


Because of the popularity of salmon, it is now much more commonly farmed, which means that it is available year round. However, if you want to buy wild salmon, it is only in season from March to September.


In the wild salmon get plenty of exercise, and their flesh will be quite firm. So look out for fillets or whole fish that are quite firm, the colour will depend on their feed, organic salmon will be paler than other varieties.


For speed, ready-filleted salmon is easy to buy. If you want to cook a whole salmon, make sure it has been cleaned and gutted. It can be cooked in almost any way, grilled, fried, poached or baked and can be paired with an array of flavours.


Freeze for up to three months, or keep fresh salmon tightly sealed in the fridge for no longer than 24 hours.

Serving Suggestion

Poach salmon, by wrapping it in baking parchment, with a little soy sauce, ginger and a pinch of sugar. Serve with steamed bok choi for a speedy Japanese main.


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