Make the most of your roast

Our exciting new collection of roast dinner recipes are brilliantly designed to help you stretch your meals. Turn your lovely leftovers from each roast into another delicious main meal or snack in less than 30 minutes

Leftovers Stretch your roast dinner to make another delicious main meal or tasty snack with our brilliant leftovers ideas, all ready in under 30 minutes

The storecupboard challenge

1st October 2013 by 

Our store cupboards are wonderful things aren’t they? It’s great that we can use ingredients again and again. But they can also gather up, forgotten and unused before they need chucking away.

Wasting food is not cool folks, so I’m making it my mission to get eating it up!

Let’s take a little look at what’s good to eat right now, and how you can make the most of one of my top months of the year for eating the best of British produce.

Do you need more ideas for leftovers?

Do you need more ideas for leftovers?

Free your fridge and store cupboards of lingering leftovers with our handy recipe tool. Simply type in your ingredients and we'll suggest some fresh, exciting ways to use them up!

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