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Eat well, waste less and enjoy every meal with our handy weekly food planner. 
There are many benefits to meal planning. You save time wondering what to eat, you stretch ingredients across the week and there’s less waste in the kitchen bin too. Yet with busy lives it’s hard to make time to sit down and plan the week ahead. Our handy meal planner tool helps you get organised by taking all the hard work out of food planning. Now not only can you pick and choose recipes, but add all the ingredients featured in your meal plan to your shopping basket. 

Start meal planning today
Follow the easy steps to create a meal plan to suit you and your family.  You can start with a blank meal plan and add recipes by meal and day. Or if you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve featured menu plans you can follow and plans put together by other Real Food users. We can filter the selections by budget, diet and the number of people you’re cooking for. Plus we’ve included options for everyone’s tastes and you can pick and choose the ingredients you do and don’t like. You can also pick meal plans based on delicious seasonal ingredients.

Personalised for you
Once you’ve created your plan, you can edit the meals to fit your week. You can decide whether you want a 5-day or 7- day plan and which meals you’re planning for and include nights that you’re out for dinner, fancy a take-away or the kids’ are at a sleepover. You might want to add a few freezable recipes so you’re not cooking every night. Or add in lunchbox ideas to take to work or for your kids. We’ve lots of quick ideas for budget-friendly, tasty midweek meals too.  You can edit, save and share your meal planner with your partner or friends before you buy the ingredients. 

Love your leftovers
Nothing needs to go to waste. Our leftover tool breathes new life into any spare ingredients.  So, if you’ve a half a pack of rice in your store cupboard and some leftover ham, type the ingredient into the search box for recipe suggestions. You can save the results into your handy recipe binder. 

Hassle-free shopping
Save time. Once you’ve chosen your tasty recipes for the week ahead, to make life easy, you can just hit the shop for ingredients button. All the ingredients featured in your meal plan will appear in a basket to help you make your weekly shop stress-free. Plus you’ll find it easier to stick to budget too – with more money leftover for treats! Start planning the next few days now! 

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