ChokaBlok Easter eggs

Easter Eggs (h)

Our chefs love to eat chocolate as much as they love to find exciting new ways to bring it to you. Now they’ve unveiled their gorgeous collection of Easter eggs and chunky chocolate ovals.

Each egg gets a giant measure of sweet goodies at the front, all trapped in a puddle of rich chocolate. But what you can’t see are masses of other treats scattered through the chocolate shell itself. You’ll find those with your first bite, second bite and third… 

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Which one will you be hunting for?

The Rocky Road of Love

Love - and a cheeky measure of chocolate - is in the air. A chunky, rich Belgian milk chocolate shell, rocking with our pink hearts, crunchy shortcake biscuit and mini marshmallows. And just for the road, even more treats locked in a burst of pink. 

Billionaires Dynamite

Stand well back, something’s ticking. A thick, rich Belgian milk chocolate shell front-loaded with explosive mouthfuls of chocolate-coated shortcake biscuit, honeycomb pieces and chewy caramel fudge chunks, with even more treats locked into its thick, chunky shell.

Starstruck supernova

Boldly go where no egg has gone before. A thick, white Belgian chocolate shell, with shooting stars of milk, dark and white chocolate and chocolate-coated shortcake biscuit. And even more treats trapped in a mass o f milk chocolate.

Chocolate Extremist

Embrace your inner chocolate addict. A seriously thick Belgian milk chocolate shell loaded with dark and white chocolate chunks and chocolate-covered malty balls with even more front-loaded chocolate treats revealed in a flood of dark chocolate.

Totally Minted

Taste how the other half live with the flavour combo that's bang on the money. our minty dark chocolate, swirled with a stream of chocolate mint fondant, bubbly dark chocolate chunks and crammed with chocolate mint covered pieces is so loaded it should be locked up in a safe.

American Dreamcake

Our chefs say that when somebody coined the phrase sweet dreams – they were probably talking about this egg. a super-thick shell of our white chocolate swirled with chocolate frosting and packed with cheesecake and chocolate brownie pieces. even when it’s gone, you’ll still be daydreaming about it.

king of egg (h) 

ChokaBlok King of Eggs 

When our chefs wondered what would put the biggest smile on ChokaBlok fans’ faces this Easter, the answer was simple – an enormous egg. Our super-sized giants come with a tough challenge - to share or not to share…

Billionaire’s Dynamite

Stand well back, that loud ticking you can hear is our giant, thick, rich Belgian milk chocolate shell front-loaded with explosive mouthfuls of chocolate-coated shortcake biscuit, honeycomb pieces, and chewy caramel fudge chunks. We’ve locked even more treats in its thick, chunky shell. You don’t even need to be a billionaire to enjoy this beauty.

Starstruck Supernova

This planet-sized egg is so big you could land a space shuttle on it. It’s a thick & chunky white Belgian chocolate shell, with chocolate-coated shortcake biscuit and shooting stars of milk, dark and white chocolate. Inside, even more treats are trapped in a mass of milk chocolate. It’s an Easter egg all right – but not one you’ve ever seen in this solar system before.

ChokaBlok Easter ovals 

Break off chunky mouthfuls or just munch through an entire slab of a solid, chunky, egg-shaped bar. Each sweet and tasty mouthful is packed with all the goodies you’ll recognise from your favourite ChokaBlok treat.  

Cookie Mon-Star Easter oval

There’s nothing scary about this cookie Mon-Star Easter oval. Thick and creamy white chocolate is swirled with rich milk chocolate and packed so full of crunchy shortcake biscuit pieces, cookie crumbs and real chocolate stars you may not manage it on your own. But give it a go anyway.

The Chocolate Extremist Easter oval

Our chefs took their obsession with chocolate to the egg-streme with this solid oval of chocolate in its many forms. Crunchy chocolate brownie pieces, milk chocolate covered malty balls and a big swirl of dark chocolate. This one is only for serious chocoholics.

The Rocky Road of Love Easter oval

The Easter bunnies are going to have their work cut out hopping across this road. Dark chocolate hearts, crunchy shortcake biscuit balls and mini marshmallows are all jostling for space in this chunky slab of milk chocolate drizzled with dark chocolate.

Gold Digger Dynamite Easter oval

Keep digging deep in this chunky milk and white chocolate beauty, because for every chunk of sweet honeycomb you find, you'll also discover a milk chocolate cup oozing with sweet caramel. In fact there are enough treats to keep a whole family of ChokaBlok diggers happy. 

The ChokaBlok range is available at selected Tesco stores. Visit ChokaBlok for more information on the full range, and shop ChokaBlok online at Tesco Groceries.

Beating off luxury rivals costing up to £70, this year the Good Housekeeping overall Easter Egg winner is the ChocaBlok American Dreamcake, a steal at just £5!


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