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From updates on our product launches to stories straight from our farms, we're here to give you the latest news about the food we source and sell, in store and online.

Together with our specially selected suppliers and food producers, we're committed to helping you understand more about where your food comes from, and what we do to ensure it is fresh, responsibly sourced and of the highest quality.

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Our Brands

  • Tesco Finest

    Simply the best quality food, from specialist ingredients to restaurant-inspired meals

  • Tesco Own Brand

    Our own-brand range of cupboard staples comes with the seal of Tesco quality

  • Tesco Everyday Value

    Affordable, great quality products perfect for everyday eating, cooking and living

  • Tesco healthy living

    Eating healthily made easy and delicious

  • Tesco Goodness Range

    A range of healthy, portion-controlled products for children aged 5 to 10 years old

  • Tesco Organic

    Our higher-welfare products are produced in a way that’s kinder to the environment

  • Tesco Free From

    A delicious range of over 200 products all of which are free from gluten, wheat and/or milk

  • Tesco Milk

    From whole milk to lactofree milk, our dairy range is both delicious and nutritious

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