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The sheep reared and grazed at Lower Goodmansleigh farm in Cornwall make for high-quality, flavoursome spring lamb.

dymond squareLamb is the dish of the season and a great choice for Easter Sunday. Rob Dymond is manager of family- owned Lower Goodmansleigh farm in Cornwall, one of over 200 UK contracted farms that supply finest* lamb to Tesco, all of which are part of the Red Tractor Farm Assurance Scheme. Rob prides himself on the quality of his lamb – we caught up with him to find out more.

‘Our Suffolk Cross Mules and Texel Cross Mules are fantastic breeds. They produce early lambs that are fast-growing, strong and result in great, flavoursome meat. We have 350 ewes and produce about 500 lambs a year. My main focus is maintaining a healthy flock, which in turn produces excellent quality lamb, full of flavour.

‘I make sure the ewes are healthy and in optimum condition to produce good milk for their lambs. The grass the ewes are grazed on contains plenty of protein, which is then transferred to the milk they feed to their lambs.

‘It’s rewarding work, but it can be hard. During lambing I start my day at 7am and work well into the night looking after pregnant ewes, overseeing births and making sure the newborns are cared for. It’s satisfying to know that we’ve treated the lambs well. They couldn’t receive better care.’

Did you know …

* British lamb is best in season from April all the way through to December.

* There are many cuts to choose from. Chops are great for pan-frying, while shoulder is best slow-roasted. Ask the butcher at your local store for other cuts and advice on how to cook them.

Want to know more? Check out our video on lamb farming in Devon and the try one of our delicious lamb recipes.

As featured in Tesco Magazine April 2014.OM May 14 Cover

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