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Now is the time to savour the fresh flavours of sweet British asparagus.

asparagus 1 packshotIt’s often said that British asparagus is the very best in the world and we have the growers to thank for consistently producing good crops year after year. One such grower is Cobrey Farm in the Wye Valley, run by John Chinn and his sons, Henry and Chris. As one of the UK’s most innovative growers, the farm has been supplying Tesco with asparagus since 2005. And the Finest Jubilee Britain’s best Now is the time to savour the fresh flavours of sweet British asparagus Quick idea asparagus, an especially sweet and tender variety, is one that’s exclusive to the store.

asparagus 2 packshot‘The crop is hand harvested and rapidly chilled, using cold water, within one hour of being picked,’ explains John. Every effort is made to preserve its freshness and sweetness and, thanks to the on-site packing facility, the farm aims to get the produce to the supermarket by the end of the day. 


asparagus 3 packshot‘The microclimate in the Wye Valley helps to produce the earliest and sweetest asparagus in the UK – the season runs from late April to late June – but we often start harvesting in late March,’ says John. ‘We work with Cranfield University to design an eco-friendly field layout that incorporates wildflowers and butterfly habitats into the grassy margins and areas.’ 

Fast facts

With a delicate yet distinctive taste, asparagus is also high in folates, which is what gives it a reputation for being a natural aphrodisiac! Try John’s way of enjoying the veg: tossed in olive oil, seasoned and then roasted in the oven for about 6 minutes. 

TM May June 13 packshot As featured in Tesco Magazine May/June 2013.

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