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Tesco has worked hard over the past few years to reach the stage where all of the meat in our fresh meat counters is 100% British. We believe British is best, not just when it comes to taste, but also because buying British meat helps support our own farmers, as well as cut down on food miles by sourcing regionally within the UK.

Our fresh meat counters have a wide range of products, which change seasonally. We offer the main cuts of chicken, pork, lamb, beef and gammon, as well as things like freshly prepared mince, bacon, sausages and burgers. Tesco in-store butcher Steve Smith says, ‘We work with whole joints a lot, such as the Finest Carvery Rib Roast, which is sourced from Aberdeenshire. It comes on the bone, and the meat has a great texture and marbling to it. Joints can be sold whole, or prepared to customer specifications - that's really popular. People love being able to choose exactly which cut they would like, such as chops or steaks, and have it made up in front of them while they wait.'

All of our counter professionals are trained to a high standard, which means they not only have the skills to butcher the meat, but also have the knowledge to offer advice on choosing the right meat for the right occasion, as well as selecting the right cut and weight. So whether it's a special occasion dinner, a Sunday roast, or just good quality affordable meat for everyday cooking, customers can find the right meat for the right price.

To discover our range of 100% British meat, drop by your nearest Tesco fresh meat counter in your local store. Looking for some inspiration on what to select? Why not try our recipe for slow-roasted lamb shank and barley with leeks and carrots, made using 100% British lamb.

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