British Lion Eggs


Tesco eggs are all stamped with the British Lion which guarantees that the eggs are 100% British and produced to the highest food safety standards. That's because they are produced to a stringent Code of Practice covering everything from what's fed to the hens right through to the supermarket shelves.

The British Lion mark on eggs has been protecting British consumers since 1998. When you see the Lion logo on the egg shell or box, it means that the hens are British and have been protected against salmonella and that there is full traceability of hens, eggs and feed. The hens' feed has to be produced to the high standards of the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme.

And British Lion egg producers also print a "best-before" date on every single egg to ensure freshness.

To make sure that you can enjoy eggs produced to the highest food safety standards, British Lion farms and packing stations are regularly checked, so that you can be confident that when you pick up a pack of Tesco eggs they have been produced with the utmost care.

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