Growing Herbs Indoors


With the right care and attention, your living herbs will continue to flourish in your home, providing you with an easy way to add flavour for every meals and making your home look and smell great.

Looking after your herbs is easy, but each herb is different, so it’s important to read the information on the sleeve.

Five simple tips to looking after your fresh living herbs:

Let there be light: fresh living herbs thrive in bright, draught-free places.

Drainage: living herbs don’t like their feet wet for too long! If you stand your living herb in a tray, saucer or outer pot without drainage holes, check that there is no standing water 5 minutes after watering.

Beware the fridge: do not refrigerate living herbs, as the cold temperature will damage the plant.

Watering: each herb is slightly different, but in general the key is to water ‘little and often’.  Water sparingly when the top of the compost is dry to touch. Basil needs to be watered sparingly and only when the leaves start to wilt, once watered the leaves soon pick up.

Snip tips: Chives can be snipped with scissors as required. Coriander and parsley are both members of the same plant family and grow new leaves from the base of the plant, so make sure you cut above these to allow new leaves to grow through.

Basil, rosemary, thyme and mint are all members of the mint family. It is best to pick basil leaves and then tear them. Rosemary, mint and thyme can all be snipped in sprigs or the leaves stripped off. As the essential oils are present on the surface of the leaf, avoid over-handling members of the mint family as this can reduce their flavour.

When harvesting sprigs, don’t cut too low down the plant, as new shoots appear on the stem at the base of a leaf. 

For more information about herbs, find out how herbs can help improve your health and how Tesco grow, pack and deliver their herbs. If you need inspiration for using herbs while you cook, try this delicious recipe for Coriander Red Sea Bream with Spice Rub or Mint Topped Carrot Cake.

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