Benefits of Breakfast

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Breakfast is often considered to be the most important meal of the day, yet sometimes it’s the one we give the least thought and time to.  Breakfast cereals are a quick and delicious way to eat breakfast every day. They are generally low in fat, a good source of important nutrients and are a great way to consume more milk.

Breakfast, as the word suggests, literally means ‘breaking the fast’. After going 10–12 hours overnight without food, your energy reserves are low and your body, and perhaps more importantly your brain, needs fuel.

Benefits of breakfast:

 - Breakfast can be one the cheapest meals of the day at an average of 40p per meal^

 - Studies show that people who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight than people that don’t^

 - A bowl of cereal with milk at home costs only 22p vs £3.30 for a coffee shop breakfast – saving you around £800 a year^

 - Research shows that you are more likely to perform better at work or school if you eat breakfast^

 - Children who miss breakfast are more likely to snack on calorie dense products later in the day. (They are more likely to be obese and less able to perform well)^

 - Experts agree that fortified breakfast cereals are a significant contributor to the UK’s vitamin and mineral  intake^

 - Fortified breakfast cereals are the single biggest source of iron (26%) in the young person’s diet, providing more iron than meat & meat products (13%), breads (13%) or vegetables (17%)^

 - Breakfast cereals provide 25% of the recommended daily amount of 6 B Vitamins and when eaten with milk help deliver around 40% of calcium into the diet of British kids^

 - Cereals contribute just 5% of the sugar intake in adults, as opposed to 37% from drinks and only 6% of kids intake^

 - Ideally you should be looking to consume no more than around 20% of your Guideline Daily Amount for energy from breakfast (which is 400 Calories (kcal) for a typical adult or 360 (kcal) for a typical 5-10 year old).

 - Use the nutrition information on the front of  cereal packs to check the Calories per serving and the sugar and salt contents and don’t guess the serving size!

Like any other meal, a balanced breakfast should include foods from each of the food groups.

It’s also a good time to get at least two servings of fruit. For instance, one small glass of fruit juice, one tbsp of raisins, seven strawberries or a sliced banana sprinkled over your cereal. If you can tick off two servings at breakfast, reaching your ‘5 a Day’ should be a doddle.

We have a huge range of cereals available, from well known brands such as Nestle and Kellogg’s to a great range of Tesco branded products. There’s plenty to choose from, so stock up the cupboard and enjoy a healthy and delicious start to your day, every day.

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^reference: Kellogg's

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