Farmhouse Cheddar

finest cheddar hero

Like a sommelier to fine wine, Philip Keys is a connoisseur of Cheddar cheese.

As the Head Cheese Maker at Leaze Farm, Philip has been churning out the finest quality British Cheddar for over 20 years. His passion and attention to detail coupled with the quality of milk that comes from Leaze Farm dairy, has resulted in Leaze Farm being the exclusive supplier of Tesco's Finest Vintage Farmhouse Cheddar.

Philip is one of only 12 Farmhouse Cheesemakers left in the UK and is proud to be preserving the dying tradition of producing delicious, handmade and hand cut Farmhouse Cheddar.

The secret to good cheddar

Philip says: "The secret to the perfect Farmhouse Cheddar is knowing exactly when the fats and proteins are correct and when the curds are ready to be cut. It's also about drawing on traditional family practices that have been passed down through generations, which can never be replicated."

But the process doesn't stop there; to produce the famously smooth texture with a delicious nutty flavour the Cheddar needs to mature. The newly cut Cheddar is pressed into moulds and left under Philip's watchful eye for 14 to 18 months, to develop its distinctive flavour. Philip checks each vat at three, six and 12 months, and only once the Cheddar has reached the perfect maturity is it allowed to reach Tesco shelves nationwide.

Try this delicious cheese in some cheese muffins.

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