Cured meat

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Whether piled high on a charcuterie board or scattered over a pizza, cured meat is much loved for its rich, savoury flavour.

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Taste varies based on the meat, seasoning and drying period – some are salty, while others are sweet. If you're making up a sharing platter, aim for a few varieties to sample the breadth and flavour.

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Once you've opened your pack of cured meat, store any leftover slices in an airtight container in the fridge. This will prevent the delicate meat from drying out.

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As it has gone through a curing and drying process, most cured meat requires no cooking (check pack for info). Although some varieties, such as chorizo, make a flavoursome addition to hot dishes.

Prosciutto 150x150Prosciutto

Made from the hind leg of a pig, prosciutto is a delicate Italian ham that has been seasoned, cured, air-dried and thinly sliced. It's best enjoyed straight from the pack, when it's most tender, as its texture toughens when heated. For a quick canapé, try it wrapped around breadsticks with a drizzle of balsamic glaze.

Milano salami 150x150Milano salami

A type of pork sausage, Milano salami is aged for at least 55 days to attain a dark colour, dense texture and intensely rich flavour. When sliced, Milano salami has a deep red interior speckled with white fat. Serve at room temperature with fresh bread, olives and mozzarella.


Chorizo 150x150Chorizo

Pimento and chilli give this type of salami its orange-red colour and fiery flavour. Popular in Spanish and Mexican recipes, chorizo produces a garlicky fat when cooked, which forms a great base for sauces. Try gently frying in a pan with butter beans and sliced new potatoes for a quick supper.

Serrano ham 150x150Serrano

Similar to prosciutto, but of Spanish origin, serrano is a finely sliced salted and cured ham, aged anywhere between 6-18 months. It has a strong and nutty flavour, and is perfect for an antipasti board. Serve at room temperature to appreciate its full taste and aroma.


Bresaola 150x150Bresaola

A topside of beef that has been salted and air-dried for up to three months, bresaola is lean and dark with a light marbling of fat. Rich, full-bodied and flavoursome, it's great tossed in a quick salad with romaine lettuce, radishes and a garlic and Dijon mustard dressing.


Prosciutto is particularly delcious when paired with fresh asparagus and a creamy, cheesy sauce, and baked until golden – find the recipe here.

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