Cyprus potatoes

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potatoes packshotThe arrival of the season’s first new potatoes is always eagerly anticipated but this year you don’t have to wait until the spring. Considered by many as the crème de la crème of potatoes, Cyprus New Potatoes will be on sale in Tesco from mid December to the end of March both as loose and pre-packed as part of the Tesco Finest range.  They taste fresh and delicious and are extremely versatile. Their soft yellow coloured flesh, rich, creamy but earthy flavour and firm texture make them ideal for boiling, serving in a potato salad or even roasted and as they are new potatoes they need little preparation - they don’t even require peeling.

Michelin star chef Mark Sargeant says: “As a chef I strive to use British produce as much as possible but when British new potatoes aren’t in season Cyprus potatoes fill that gap and have exceptional flavour and a wonderful texture.  They are a top quality product.”

Cyprus potatoes are grown using traditional methods on small family farms where they are still harvested by hand from the mineral rich, red alluvial soil which gives them their distinctive taste. 

Freshly dug every day, with Cyprus Potatoes you can enjoy the delicious fresh taste of new potatoes in the depths of the dark British winter.  

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