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The Tesco Easy Home Bake range is a delicious selection of chilled home baking products. It includes cake mixes, cookie doughs, batters and bread doughs, which can be freshly baked at home. Use the core mixes to get the hard part out of the way simply and quickly and then add your own creative touch to fairy cakes, pizzas, brownies and much more!  The new range is easy, quick and delicious and you can use the chocolate chips, dried fruit and fruit compote to add a personal touch to each mix.

pizza cropWhat’s more, there’s no need to add extra ingredients such as eggs or milk – we have done it for you! All the ingredients used in the chilled baking mixes are 100% free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and hydrogenated vegetable oil and only use free range eggs.



The range includes:

 - Cakes and muffins: Victoria sponge mix, Rich chocolate cake mix, Vanilla cupcake mix, Plain muffin mix and Double chocolate muffin mix.

 - Biscuit mixes and cookie doughs: Chocolate chip, Triple chocolate chip and Oaty cookie dough, Gingerbread dough, Flapjack mix, and Brownie mix.

 - Bread doughs: White and Wholemeal pizza dough, Focaccia dough, Ciabatta dough and Scone dough

 - Topping: Vanilla and chocolate frosting

 - Additions: Milk and white chocolate chips, Pizza sauce, Fruit compote and dried fruit

ehb vic spongeFor the novice bread maker, try making your own authentic loaves using Tesco Easy Home Bake Focaccia or Tesco Easy Home Bake Ciabatta Dough – much quicker and simpler than kneading and proving from scratch. Or, if you’re pushed for time and the kids are clamouring for a snack, opt for Triple Chocolate Cookie dough for freshly baked cookies. For a classic treat, we have included Plain Scone dough and Flapjack Mix – perfect as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. And for budding junior bakers, why not give them a pack of Gingerbread dough and let them make (and eat!) their own hand-decorated gingerbread men.

Find below links to 6 new videos showing how to use the Easy Home Bake range at home:

EHB pizza White and wholemeal pizza dough. Watch the pizza video >





ehb marble cake Victoria sponge mix and Rich chocolate cake mix. Watch the marble cake video >





ehb flapjacks Flapjack mix. Watch the flapjack video >






ehb ciabatta Ciabatta mix. Watch the ciabatta video >






ehb gingerbread Gingerbread mix. Watch the gingerbread video >






ehb cupcakes Vanilla cupcake mix. Watch the cupcake video >






Tesco Chilled Easy Home Bake Mixes provide a fabulous-tasting, time-saving solution when time is short but quality is key.

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