Eat Live Enjoy dairy range

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We recognise our role in making healthy, high-quality foods accessible to everyone and in giving customers the information they need to make healthy choices. In the coming year we will support and enable our customers to eat and drink fewer calories in a number of ways. As a result, Tesco has developed a brand new range of healthy products with its new Eat, Live, Enjoy dairy range. There are hot desserts perfect for winter, as well as fresh, light snacks and drinks when you’re after something quick. Not only does it look good and taste great, but every product in the range is labelled with at least two key health messages.

CC Sweet Chilli&WC resizeTesco has made sure there’s something available for every time of day - whether it’s a quick and healthy breakfast, a mid-afternoon snack or a new idea for lunch on the go. The Tesco Eat Live Enjoy Tropical Fruit Shake is a great way to kick start the day.

This deliciously fruity blend of semi-skimmed milk and fruit juice includes orange, mango and banana. It’s low in fat and a great source of calcium too – just the thing to set you up for the day ahead. 

It’s not quite lunchtime but breakfast seems like a long time ago. But instead of reaching for the biscuit tin, try Tesco Eat Live Enjoy Reduced Fat Cheese & Turkish Raisins Snack Pack, made with calcium-rich, reduced fat cheese and juicy Turkish raisins. Not only is it easy to nibble on the go or at your desk but it counts as one of your five a day. Simple! Kids will love this all-round favourite too – so pack into lunchboxes or have ready for the after school stampede.

TescoEatLiveEnjoy resizeFor a quick and easy pud that’s only 100 calories, try Tesco Eat Live Enjoy Fat Free Cherry Yogurt. Tesco use thick, creamy Greek style yogurt to make this fabulously fruity, fat-free treat taste indulgent. 

Dieters will always tell you that snacking is where much of the problem lies. The odd biscuit here and bar of chocolate there soon adds up without you noticing. But snacking doesn’t need to be sinful. Tesco Eat Live Enjoy Cottage Cheese with Cracked Black Pepper with Multigrain Crackers is low in fat and a source of protein - a perfect, healthy snack to tide you over till teatime.

Or if you’re on the prowl for something really decadent, then look no further. With the Tesco Eat Live Enjoy Chocolate Muffin dessert, Tesco has managed to create a gorgeous, gooey dessert with only a fraction of the fat. At only 150 calories per pot, it shouldn’t really taste as good as it does!  

This January, kick start your healthier lifestyle with the Tesco Eat Live Enjoy dairy range.

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