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After a year spent working in the kitchens with the leading authority on Chinese cookery, Ken Hom, Tesco chefs have recreated his recipes in a tasty range of Chinese meals. So when you buy any of the dishes, it will be Ken's recipes that you'll be eating, made with the same top-quality ingredients he uses. Every meal has had the Ken Hom treatment, whether it is the way the garlic and ginger is fried to gain a more toasted flavour, or the use of citrus zest to lift the final dish. Ken has also introduced a new ingredient, Chee Hou - similar to hoisin sauce - which adds a rich note to dishes such as Chicken & Cashew Nuts.

The range includes main dishes such as Crispy Aromatic Duck and Chicken Chow Mein, and side dishes that include crunchy Spring Rolls and delicious Egg Fried Rice. Great for midweek meals or to celebrate the Chinese New Year, the dishes are so authentic that Ken claims, ‘It's hard to believe that all this is from the supermarket shelf.'

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