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Italy is the home of pasta, and pasta sauce, so it makes sense that we are working with one of Italy's most established producers to make our range of finest* pasta sauces.

La Doria is an Italian company, established in 1955 by the Serrailoi family. The second generation now runs the business, growing vine-ripened tomatoes on farms all over the sunny South of Italy, then, back in a little village called Sarno, near Naples, they turn this fruit into delicious pasta sauce.

The tomato season runs from July to September and all the fruit grown is harvested during this period, when it is at its best, and packaged within three days, to get the freshest, tastiest results.

Working with Tesco, La Doria have developed a great range of authentic sauces to go with pasta, all using their fresh tomatoes and Italian ingredients and made to classic regional recipes. There are six sauces in the range, including Tomato and Mascarpone - made in the Emilia Romagne style (a recipe taken from the north of Italy). It uses La Doria's gorgeous vine-ripened tomatoes from Puglia, Italian mascarpone cheese, a splash of single cream and a pinch of tangy pecorino, to give it a sweet, creamy and rich flavour.

Other flavours in the range are: Tomato & Pancetta, Whole Cherry Tomato & Chilli, Puttanesca, Sun Dried Tomato, Garlic & Basil and Salami, Fennel & Red Wine Pasta Sauce.

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