Five ways to reduce your food bill today

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Eat well and save money on your food bill

Your food bill is one of your major monthly expenses, but the good news is that you can control what you buy. With a little preparation and clever organisation you can save money every week on your food bill and eat more delicious and nutritious meals in the process.

1. Eat seasonally

Eating seasonally has lots of advantages. It’s great for environment as less travel equals less carbon emissions; it’s fresher and tastier and due to the abundance of local product it’s cheaper to buy in season too. We look forward to seasonal ingredients each month. Remember the excitement of your first meal with English asparagus in April, your first juicy strawberry in summer and Autumn’s crisp apples and buttery squashes. Find out what’s in season now and take a look at our recipe suggestion with our handy guide

2. Portion patrol

Are you making too much food? It’s all too easy to get in the habit of cooking too much only to see it end up in the bin. Feeding small children can be especially wasteful as they often turn up their noses at certain foods. Try making small portions for kids as they can always go back for seconds. If you see you’ve cooked too much pasta or rice, put a portion straight into a container ready to store in the fridge or freezer. Kitchen scales will help you to measure out the correct amount of food per person. Follow the pack instructions for guidelines. See our readers’ tips for ideas of what to do with your lovely leftovers. 

3. Planning your meals

Have you ever spent a small fortune on groceries and still struggled to knock together a delicious meal or worse found yourself chucking food in the bin that’s out of date? Planning your meals is the key to saving time and money. If you’re catering for a family, get started by checking who’s in or out for various meals, then use our handy meal planner tool to map out your week. Remember to include snacks and lunch bits and bobs in your weekly shop too. Dashing into the shops for a few extras can lead to impulse buys which add pounds to your overall food bill. Meal planning also helps ensure you eat a varied and balanced diet as you can clearly see what foods your serving and when.

4. Deals

When shopping, look for deals on cupboard staples or fresh goods which you can stash in the freezer for another time. We’ve put together 50 top family recipes all made with the Tesco Everyday Value range. Add some of these yummy recipes to your meal planning for budget meals that are packed with flavour.

5. Shop online

Save money by shopping online. Not only do you save yourself having to carry heavy bags, you can keep an eye on your total as you shop. There’s less temptation to chuck ingredients you don’t really need into your trolley and it’s brilliant for busy parents who like to avoid pester power deals. By shopping online, there’s no risk of dealing with a small child’s tantrum in the aisles as you try and explain that they can’t have a triple pack of biscuits on this shopping trip.

How do you save money and waste less food? Share your tips and ideas on @TescoFood #eatwell

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