Healthy Snacks For Kids

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Instead of sweets
Instead of sweets and biscuits you could offer them a fruit bun or raisins. These provide slow-release energy rather than sugar rushes (that can cause tantrums).

Children often love liquorice (1 stick) which is lower in fat than chocolate and won't melt on the car seats.

Make your own
Rather than buying ice lollies, try making your own. Buy small yogurts, make a slit in the centre of each foil lid and push a lolly stick through and into the pot before freezing.

Buy a big bag of dried mango
Instead of sweets buy a big bag of dried mango or apple rings and divide into small pots or bags in order to fulfil children's portions to avoid overeating — the big bags are often cheaper than the individual ones. Dried fruit is naturally very sweet and high in vitamins, minerals and fibre.

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