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Independent nutritionist Fiona Hunter, in conjunction with Tesco’s grower of fresh living herbs, based in Chichester, West Sussex has put together five healthy tips for using fresh living herbs.

“Having herbs in the kitchen means you have a healthy and convenient ingredient at arms reach. So next time you reach for that salt, why not pick up some parsley instead?”

Fiona Hunter’s five healthy ways with fresh living herbs

A healthy seasoning: herbs can be used to add flavour and interest to all sorts of food. By using fresh herbs to add flavour, you can reduce the amount of salt you need to use.

Livens up the fruit and veg: adding fresh herbs such as thyme, chives, coriander or mint is a good way to enhance the flavour of vegetables. You can also add mint and basil to strawberries and other fruit salads for added flavour.

You don't need fat to add flavour: rather than adding butter to vegetables, try adding a sprig of fresh mint when you are cooking peas, some finely chopped chives to new potatoes or finely chopped coriander to carrots.

Herbs for digestion: fresh herbs contain essential oils, which in some cases can help aid digestion. Adding fresh mint to hot water makes a refreshing drink after a heavy meal.

Antiseptic and antibacterial: the essential oil content of fresh herbs gives some herbs mild antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Thyme has mild antiseptic properties and is prescribed by herbalists to ease sore throats and coughs, and to help strengthen the immune system. Coriander has antibacterial properties and is also prescribed to help aid digestion.

For more information about herbs, find out how to care for your herbs and how Tesco grow, pack and deliver their herbs. If you need some inspiration for using herbs while you cook, try this delicious recipe for Coriander Red Sea Bream with Spice Rub or Mint Topped Carrot Cake.

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