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It pays to plan what you’re going to eat…

The biggest way to save money on your groceries is to make a shopping list – and stick to it. We know this is obvious, but how many times have you found yourself rushing off to the shops, only to find you’ve forgotten the milk and are not sure whether you’ve any rice left.  The precious time you spend planning your meals for the week and writing a list will pay off as you’ll only buy what you really need – saving money and reducing the amount you throw in the bin.

Get planning

Before hitting the supermarket aisles have a quick root around the fridge and your store cupboard to see what needs eating up. Build your next meal around the forgotten broccoli or packet of mince.

List making

Keep a pad and pen in the kitchen - when you’ve scraped the last of the houmous out of the pot or run out of cheese, scribble it down on your list. If you regularly shop for your groceries online, you can make life easier by saving your shopping lists so all your everyday basics and favourites are kept in handy lists.

Rotate your cupboards

Bring the goods that need eating first to the front of your fridge or store cupboard, that way they won’t languish forgotten.

Save lovely ingredients

When you’re making a recipe thing about what you can do with any spare ingredients. A joint of meat at the weekend can be used for sandwiches, in a risotto or pasta bake and the remains can be made into a delicious stock. Roast extra veggies and you can add to salads, stir through couscous or make a frittata.

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Use your freezer

Look for food with the longest use-by date or fresh foods which can be frozen in case you don’t get round to eating them in time. Keep a list of what’s in your freezer on the door so you don’t lose track of all the tasty meals and ingredients you have to hand. See more handy freezer tips.

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