Types of Apples

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Now at their seasonal best, here’s a selection of varieties to try and tips for making the most of them.

Tesco stock 24 varieties of British apples, but the most popular are those featured below. 

gala apple (t)Gala

Small and super-sweet, this variety is the ideal size for popping into children’s lunchboxes. Juicy, crisp and with red-tinged skin, it’s also great in salads.


cox apple (t)Cox

A classic English variety with a lovely tart flavour and fine-grained skin. It is good puréed to serve with pork, and also goes well with cheese.


bramley apple (t)Bramley

Big and British, the bramley is perfect for cooking as its texture and tart flavour can withstand high temperatures. 


evelina apple (t)Evelina

A more recently developed variety of apple, Evelina is aromatic, with a tangy flavour and bright skin.



scrumptious apple (t)Scrumptious

Small and sweet with a hint of tartness, this variety - a cross between Golden Delicious and Discovery - has crisp, rosy coloured skin 
and creamy white flesh.


braeburn apple (t)Braeburn

Loved for their uniquely tangy flavour and crisp, firm flesh, they’re just as good cooked as they are raw.



Tips for making the most of of your apples - whether for cooking or eating as is.

1 Choose 

For crisp, sweet-eating fruit, look for a firm feel, without nicks, bruises or wrinkles. Ripe apples tend to make a slightly hollow sound when tapped.

2 Store

Apples can be stored at room temperature for a while, but most will ripen after a week. To store apples for longer, place in the fridge and take them out to bring to room temperature.

3 Prep

For eating, simply wash under running water. However, for cooking, it’s best to peel and core them. Add sugar and a warm spice such as clove or cinnamon to taste.


Apples can be eaten as they are as a snack, in salads or to accompany cheese. Or, bake them whole; slice and caramelise for tarts and puddings; or roast with a joint of meat, such as pork.

For more information, check out our apple video and then why not try one of our delicious apple recipes - like Apple and vanilla flan.

As featured in Tesco Magazine September 2013.OM Sep 13 Cover

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