Chocolate Tasting

Chocolate  (h)

How much do you know about this irresistable favourite? Swot up on all things cocoa and become a chocolate connoisseur. 


A good bar of chocolate should have an even shine, with no blotches or white bloom. It should break with a good snap, and feel smooth in your mouth.

2 Store

Keep chocolate in a cool, dark place, well wrapped so it doesn’t take on the flavour of other foods. Never store it in the fridge as temperature changes can spoil a bar. 

3 Enjoy

Try to resist gobbling it all at once. Allow one piece of chocolate to melt in your mouth and take time to notice the different flavours. Enjoy the aromas, too.

Types of chocolate

dom rep (t)finest* 85% Dominican Republic Dark

Dark chocolate is made with a high percentage of cocoa mass (the middle of the bean that is milled down into a dark, rich liquid). It ususally contains no added milk.This bar is made with beans from the Dominican Republic and has an intense, fruity, flavour.

mad dark (t)finest* 71% Madagascan Dark

Made with cocoa beans from plantations in the Sambirano region of Madagascar, this bar has well-balanced acidity and sweetness. The flavour is of richly roasted cocoa with a hint of honey.


milk choc (t) finest* 43% Peruvian Milk

Milk chocolate is made by adding sufficient milk to the mix to give a paler finish and creamy taste and texture. This particular bar is high in cocoa solids, but still has a creamy flavour, with a hint of butterscotch. 

swiss white (t) finest* Swiss White Chocolate with Vanilla

Unlike milk and dark, white chocolate contains no cocoa mass. Instead, it's made with cocoa butter (the fat that is extracted from the cocoa mass) and milk. This creamy white chocolate has aromatic Madagascan vanilla seeds running through the bar.  

cooking choc (t)finestCooking Chocolate Plain 

Cooking chocolate is different to eating chocolate. It contains more emulsifiers which make it softer, easier to melt and so perfect for cooking and baking. Plain chocolate is another name for dark chocolate.

c powder (t)

Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder is what’s left after the cocoa butter has been extracted from the cocoa mass. Use it as flavouring in baking or simply add hot milk or hot water to make hot chocolate. 


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