How to keep food fresher for longer

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The secret is storage. Keep your food fresher for longer and reduce waste by following our simple tips.

Organise your fridge

High or low? Drawers of shelves? Keep your food fresher for longer with our fridge-packing plan. Store meat on the bottom shelf. It’s the coldest place in the fridge and packaged raw meat should live here. Yoghurts should also live on the bottom shelf for the same reason. Eggs should be kept in their egg box and are most at home on the middle shelf. If you have a handy middle drawer, store cooked meats here. Otherwise place them on the bottom shelf too. Butter and cheese can live in the warmest part of the fridge – the dairy compartment - as they don’t need to be super cold. Condiments tend to be packed with natural preservatives so can live in the door or on the top shelf. Fruit and vegetables are happiest in the fridge drawers, where the atmosphere is a little more humid.

Keep the packaging

Leave your food in their original packaging. Fruit and veg like carrots, peppers and apples are best kept in the bag they were bought in as it keeps it fresher for longer. A shrink-wrapped cucumber for example will last around three times longer than a non-shrink-wrapped one. If you buy your fruit and veg loose they’ll last longer if stored in a lightly tied bag in the fridge. Packaging also helps protect fruit and veg from bruising in transit and storage so you can get a perfect peach, for example, without bruising, cutting down food waste.

Keep it zipped

Resealing packs for cheese prevent it drying out, particularly important in the fridge. If your cheese of choice doesn’t have a resealing pack, make sure you wrap it well in cling-film, foil or place it in a plastic tub

Magic in the air

The air inside plastic containers such as bags of salad and fresh stir-fry is often modified to keep it fresher for longer in your fridge and slow down decomposition, giving us longer to eat it.

Love your loaf

Love bread? Don’t waste a crumb Did you know that storing bread in the fridge can make it go stale quicker? The best place to keep your bakery goodies is in a cool, dark and dry place. Bakery products tend to be labelled with a ‘best before’ date, which refers to quality. It’s still edible after this date but your bakery goodies might not be at their freshest.  

Loaded with information

Packaging doesn’t just protect our food in the supermarket, in transit and in the home, it also houses lots of handy information on how to store it, how much to cook, when it should be eaten to enjoy at its best and whether it can be frozen, which all help us reduce the amount of good food we throw away.

With thanks to Love Food Hate Waste

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