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When it comes to choosing the ultimate classic British meal, it’s hard to beat a juicy, perfectly cooked joint of roast beef (with all the trimmings, of course). It’s the ultimate winter family dish: hearty, traditional, and best when accompanied by the noisy chatter of friends and family.

When a sizzling joint of roast beef arrives on your table, it’s really something quite special. That’s because Tesco now matures all its beef joints and steaks for a minimum of 21 days, giving them incredible flavour and tenderness.

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Real Food magazine recently visited farmer John Vanstone of North Eastcott Farm, Cornwall, who supplies award-winning organic beef to Tesco Finest. “I feel lucky to be able to sit down to a table and eat the beef we’ve produced here – my personal favourite is a lovely bit of rib-eye steak or a slow-cooked brisket, which is a cheaper joint, but is incredibly tasty,” said Vanstone. “Still, nothing beats a roast on Sunday – no sauces, and nothing fancy, just beef cooked simply, in its natural state. It is my highlight of the week.”

Get more information about Tesco beef and find delicious ways to cook it with our section dedicated to beef recipes.

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