Whisky Tasting

Whiskey HERO

If you want to find out about quality whisky, Richard Paterson is the man you need to talk to.

Winner of the title, Master Blender, at the 2009 Distiller of the Year Awards, Richard's unrivalled expertise in the whisky blending is second to none. So much so that it's earned him another unofficial title in the industry, "the nose" and an insurance policy on his sniffer for $2.6 million.

He works as the Master Blender at Whyte & Mackay, producer of a whole range of Tesco whisky, including our Finest range 12 year old Highland and Speyside Malt blend.

Not just a nose

As most whisky lovers may know, it's not just about having an excellent sense of smell but your taste-buds need to be trained to get ahead in the world of whisky production.

According to Richard, the most important thing to remember when tasting whisky is that it's not there to drink quickly, but to be appreciated and savoured.

"Whisky is about sharing and savouring a moment - it's something to be enjoyed."

He is also an indiscriminate ambassador of all whiskies: not just single malts but the blends as well:

"There is all this nonsense about blends being inferior, but it is rubbish. The key is educating the customer to help them find a whisky that suits their palate when there are so many to choose from at Tesco".



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