Mayan Gold Potatoes

Mayan Queen potatoes

Potatoes have so long been a British staple, it's surprising to realise that they didn't originate here, but were actually discovered in the Andes.

Numerous UK varieties have been developed over the centuries, but now a grower has developed one which harks back to the original Andean potato.

'The Mayan range comes from our long-term breeding programme of Phureja seed potatoes based close to Perth, developed with the James Hutton Institute ,' says Paul Coleman of Greenvale Potatoes, who grow Mayan Gold exclusively for Tesco, as well as other varieties across the UK.

'The Mayan Gold phureja has a slow growing, and slow maturing character developing into a rich golden tuber that is easily the king of roasting potatoes.’

So how do they taste? Apparently the Mayan range taps into our fifth taste sensation - umami. Explains Paul, 'Loosely translated from Japanese, umami means deliciousness — it's a kind of moreish, rich flavour that you get from foods such as shiitake mushrooms, cured ham and now Mayan potatoes.'

Mayan potatoes benefit from a longer growing period than other varieties, ideally planted in warm soil at the end of March and harvested in September.

Mayan Gold potatoes are at their best when roasted, which is how Paul enjoys eating them. 'They have a soft texture, resulting in a delicious crispy skin, and a rich flavour.'

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