Meet the counters manager

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Meet the Tesco counters manager

As counters manager Greg Watson oversees the meat, fish and delicatessen counters in the Tesco Sandhurst Extra store. We find out what his job involves.

What food is served on your counters?

Everything from cooked and fresh meat, to wet fish, cheeses and olives. It is my job to look after all aspects of them, as well as the 28 colleagues who work on the counters.

What can customers expect during a visit to one of the in-store counters?

Tesco customers can experience the same product range and expert advice that they would get at their local butchers, fishmongers or deli. I like to think of our store as having fishmongers, butchers and cheesemongers under the one roof.

How well trained are counter colleagues? 

Each of our colleagues is skilled in one particular area and a master of the counter they are trained in. Everyone is trained to a high standard, and will undergo regular training at least every few months to maintain their skills. Our fish counter colleagues have recently undergone what’s known as gold training. This involved a five-day training course in Grimsby, from where we source a lot of our fish. They met the trawling team and saw first-hand how the catch gets from sea to store. They also learned how to fillet all types of fish and dress crabs. It’s important for them to understand how it all works ‑ this means that we can offer our customers a much better and comprehensive service.

How can customers be sure that the counters food is fresh?  

When our food is delivered, it is labelled with information on how long it should be displayed. We also carry out freshness checks three times a day. For example, when we check whole fish for quality and freshness, we would verify that the eyes are bright, that the gills are a rich red in colour and that the scales shine.

How can customers be sure of the quality of the food sold on the counters? 

All our fresh meat sold on the counters is 100% British. Not only is this best when it comes to taste, but it also means that we support British farmers as well as reduce food miles. All our fresh meat is sourced from Farm Assured farms in the UK, which guarantees the product you are buying has been farmed, processed and packed in the UK to the highest standards of food hygiene, responsible farming methods and animal welfare.

Our fish is from only the most responsibly managed and sustainable sources. As Britain's largest fishmonger, we recognise our responsibility to provide assured sustainability across our range. This is why we sell a wide range of Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified fish across the store and are continually looking to broaden our range. Whenever you see the MSC logo, you know the fish has been sourced sustainably and the impact on the environment of its fishing or farming has been measured.

What’s the most common question you get asked?

We get asked hundreds of times a day about whether the meat we sell is British. Customers care about this as it’s a mark of quality and our customers like to support British farming. All of the fresh beef on our counters is British and we source as much cheese and fish from the UK as we can. Customers are also passionate about freshness and this is the second most commonly asked question.

What advice can you give to customers who are visiting their local Tesco store?
Come and speak to us, no matter what your question, whether you are buying produce from the counters or have a query about our pre-packed meat or fish. We can provide advice on everything from the different cuts to the best ways to cook the meat or fish. We’re here to assist you and provide a specialist service tailored to your tastes.

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