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Nothing conjures up the flavour of autumn better than mushrooms. Here's all you need to know about these woodland wonders.

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Although cultivated mushrooms are available all year round, wild varieties peak during autumn – so make the most of them while you can.

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To keep your mushrooms fresher for longer at home, remove any plastic packaging and wrap in brown paper. Keep chilled until ready to cook.

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Mushrooms are around 90 per cent water, so a little rinse won’t affect their texture or flavour. Alternatively, use a small, soft brush to remove dirt.

Chestnut mushrooms 150x150


A good all-rounder, the brown-coloured chestnut mushroom has a rich, earthy flavour and deliciously meaty texture. Enjoy it blanched in salads, fried in butter and garlic on toast, or with a juicy steak. 

Button mushrooms 150x150


One of the most common mushroom varieties, the little white button is available all year round. It has a mild flavour and pleasingly firm texture, plus it requires little prep – simply cook it whole in a hearty stew, such as beef bourguignon, or vegetable curry.

Forestiere mushrooms 150x150


Grown in Ireland exclusively for Tesco, this sweet, nutty mushroom is great for everyday cooking. It has a firm texture, which holds its shape well during cooking, plus the colour doesn’t run, making it ideal in creamy sauces. Try it with chicken or in a full-English.

Girolle mushrooms 150x150


This truly seasonal, aromatic mushroom grows – weather permitting – in Scotland from August to October. It has an attractive orange-yellow fluted cap with a solid stem, a meaty texture and slightly peppery flavour. Try using it whole in pasta, risotto and sauces.

Shiitake mushrooms 150x150


Native to Asia, but also grown in the UK, this mushroom has a small, woody white stem and an uneven brown cap. It has an intense umami flavour that adds delicious depth and richness to a range of oriental-inspired dishes, from warming broths to stir-fries.

Enoki mushrooms 150x150


Creamy white enoki grows in bouquet- style clusters with thread-like stalks and tiny, circular caps. It has a sweet, fruity flavour and requires little cooking time. Try it in Asian-style soups and fish dishes, or use as a pretty garnish.


Smithy mushrooms 150x150

Meet the expert: John Dorrian, Managing Director, Smithy Mushrooms

Smithy is a family-run business with three generations currently working on our Lancashire farm.

We follow the wild mushroom season and autumn is a fantastic time for UK varieties. We supply Tesco with five tonnes of shiitake, oyster and girolle a week. Our wild packs contain up to three varieties so customers can sample all the different flavours and textures Mother Nature has brought us.

Tesco has supported us growing fresh shiitake mushrooms for more than 15 years. For a long time, it was the only supermarket to stock British shiitake, making it our best-selling product. 

We replicate forest conditions in the growing rooms, which are where our exotic varieties are produced. Once the spawn has taken, we simply introduce fresh air, light and humidity. The mushrooms start to appear about 10 days later.

I sometimes forage on holiday and I drove my wife mad when we were in Wales by going for ‘romantic’ walks in the woods, which usually ended up at the most likely spot for wild mushrooms. However, I wouldn’t recommend anyone picking their own wild mushrooms unless they were accompanied by an expert.

It’s hard to pick a favourite as they all taste fantastic, but I must say the Scottish girolle season brings a smile to my face each year. 

I like to eat mine on toast, pan-fried in a little coconut oil with fresh ginger, shallots and a glug of fresh cream – absolutely wonderful.

Make the most of mushrooms this autumn and rustle up the gorgeous, warming Chicken and mushroom ramen.

As featured in Tesco Magazine October 2015.

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